Good News from Laurel Mission

The Laurel Mission Board of Directors met at the Mission for two days in October. Central Conference Superintendent Tom Brodbeck reports that they found two major answers to prayer.

“First, we have been praying about the need for a multi-purpose facility in the community that would replace our former Hodgeboom facility (which was destroyed by the mining operation). It appears highly probable that the local school system will have a building to give for that purpose. If all goes as planned, the Laurel Mission and the nearby Red Bird Mission will jointly oversee this venture. A new board of directors has been formed in the community to help make this happen.

“Second, we have also been praying about the need for additional staff to assist in the work, but have been unable to move ahead on this due to a lack of suitable housing in the area. Thanks to a generous donation from a long-time friend of the mission, we now have an 850 square foot house on site (almost finished). You will be seeing our invitation for resumes circulated soon.”

Tom also noted the death of Rev. Robert Smith, the father of Rev. Ken Smith, the pastor of our Cedar Chapel church at the mission. “Rev. Robert Smith was known in the region as the ‘Singing Preacher.’ In addition to his day job as a coal miner, he traveled the region as an evangelist. He had been ill for some time, and just one day prior to his death the family had finalized arrangements for hospice care. Part of his legacy is that each of his three sons followed him into the ministry.”

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