West Windsor Marks 40 Years in Its Building

Sally Harrison reports from West Windsor UB (Dimondale, Mich.):

“On Sunday, January 4, we had impromptu 40th anniversary celebration of having church in that building. Among those present were ten members who were there 40 years ago, including Archie Carpenter, who will be 90 in June 2004. They were asked to share what they had remembered about that day. Some shared how they met in the basement part of the building because the upstairs (sanctuary ) wasn’t finished. In time they were able to meet upstairs, and the downstairs became Sunday school classrooms. It is now the youth room with new carpet and furnishings, just done this last summer.

“Rev. Dr. Harold Cherry had been our guest speaker on December 28, and had told about his memories of that day 40 years ago. After the time of sharing, Pastor Dick Thorp had prayer with them and asked for some of the youth present to be there in 20-30-40 more years to carry on, because Archie said he’s ‘going up to Heaven’ before another 40 years.”

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