Anchor Marking Fifth Anniversary

Fort Wayne, Ind. Here are several items from Anchor UB (Fort Wayne, Ind.), which on October 19 celebrates its fifth anniversary.

  • About a dozen youth from Anchor UB, along with several adult sponsors, attended the DC/LA youth conference in Cincinnati. Some of the neighborhood youth made decisions for Christ during the event.
  • Soon after returning, the youth headed off again, this time for the Cornerstone music festival in Bushnell, Ill.
  • Jamie Knuth, a member of the youth group, led this year’s VBS program during June. She incorporated high-school, college, and adult volunteers. A great example of youth ministry leadership. Jamie, who has also been a youth leader with Campus Life, is now a freshman at Taylor University’s Fort Wayne campus.
  • Every year, Anchor holds a baptismal service/picnic/worship service at the Stillwater retreat just south of Fort Wayne. This year, five people were baptized. They included a mother and adult daughter; the daughter had led her mom to the Lord during the previous month.
  • Over fifty kids showed up for our fifth annual Neighborhood Carnival. Many of them came for the first time.
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