Greg Reed Certified with Walk Thru the Bible

Greg Reed, pastor of Morning Star UB (Kokomo, Ind.) has become a certified instructor with Walk Thru the Bible. He has been given permission to test a new plan for offering the Old Testament seminar in churches with an average Sunday worship attendance of less than 300. He explains:

“As a new WTB instructor, I can offer the same seminar and give special pricing and a much lower financial commitment for a local church. A variety of formats are available: Friday night and Saturday morning, all day Saturday, Sunday afternoon and evening, etc. ”

About the seminar: “In just five action-packed hours, the world’s most popular Bible-based seminar will help you understand, like never before, 4000 years of life-changing, godly wisdom. Using hand motions, catch phrases, and group review, you’ll grasp the special messages and meanings of Old Testament characters, themes, places, and events. You will integrate your knowledge of all 39 books, 929 chapters, and 23,214 verses, trace major geographical movements on a giant map made up of the people attending the seminar, and rekindle your desire to read the Bible and pray daily.”

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