West Windsor UB (Dimondale, Mich.) held a surprise 90th birthday party for Rholland “Archie” Carpenter on Sunday, July 18, during the Sunday school hour. He still attends every Sunday, and can quickly recall Bible verses for any subject they happen to be discussing. Among the 44 people attending were 16 Carpenters, mostly cousins, nieces, and nephews of Archie.

Archie and Cora Carpenter hosted the West Windsor church in their living room for many years before the current building was constructed. They are church patriarchs. Cora died a few years ago. Their daughter, Carol, who retired from school-teaching several years back, now takes care of Archie. He was the first Christian in his family, which included 11 brothers and three sisters.

First UB of Findlay, Ohio, held its 4th annual community block party on Saturday, July 17. This concluded a week-long VBS that saw 14 decisions for Christ. In preparation for this party, individuals within the congregation blitzed the neighborhood with fliers and personal invitations. On Saturday, the church prepared games, food, and entertainment that was all 100% free to everyone. Individuals from the community showed up, and the next Sunday, one individual even visited the church.

A growing number of UB churches run announcement loops prior to services–PowerPoint slides, shown via an electronic projector, which contain announcements and information about upcoming events, birthdays, etc. This is like the slides often shown in theaters before the movie. You have a captive audience, and people will watch whatever’s on the screen. It’s a good communication vehicle.

Global Ministries has produced slides for all of our missionaries, as well as for a number of our international leaders and countries. These can be added to your announcement loop to help people become more familiar with the things we are doing in missions, and particularly with our missionaries. The slides are available on the website, and can be downloaded directly to your computer. Or, Global Ministries will be happy to burn a CD containing all of the slides currently available and mail it to your church. You can find the slides here.

Angela Oesterle is returning to Jamaica Bible College in September, and plans to serve there for a year. She is from the Eden UB in Mason, Mich. Jamaica Bible College is a primary training institution for many of our Jamaican UB pastors, along with students from many other denominations. Rev. Owen Gordon, a pastor and leader in Jamaica Conference, also serves as president of the college. Angela previously served six months at JBC, and returns now to help organize their new library, reach out to women students, and assist with occasional teaching responsibilities. Angela is raising support for her year of service, and would appreciate any financial support from UB people and churches. You can contact Global Ministries about supporting her. Call toll-free: 1-888-622-3019.

  • Michael Chan is a new Chinese coworker in the English Language Program. Using his training in small group development, Michael will work with Bible studies and outreach events on the island of Taipa, where we are in the process of starting our third church in Macau. Michael is initially working in an internship role, but it will evolve into full employment with the ELP.
  • Mee Fong Ngai was sent by Hong Kong Conference to spearhead outreach to the poor and lower classes of Macau, especially women. She is working under the authority of the Living Water UB church in Macau.
  • A group from the Brown Corners UB church (Clare, Mich.) is currently in Macau working with VBS and doing kids classes. The group includes senior pastor Chuck Malson and associate pastor Jeff Dice (a former UB missionary in Macau). When they leave, another church group will arrive to do much the same thing. This group will be led by Gary Hoobler (Jana Hoobler’s brother), who is on staff with New Covenant Bible Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
  • Macau is enjoying a very encouraging round of outreach classes for children this summer. There are English language classes for kids, plus chapels which expose kids to the Gospel.

For over ten years, a group of teens and adults went to Jamaica during the summer to conduct VBS in Jamaican churches. We called it STUMP — the Summer Teen United Ministry Program. There is no official STUMP group this year. However, our Open Bible Fellowship church in Safford has stepped into the gap. They are sending a group to Jamaica to conduct VBS in four churches, all in the Kingston area. The group will leave on Friday, July 17.

A group of 15 people from College Park UB church will travel to Mexico July 17-25 to work with our Hispanic churches in Juarez, Mexico, and El Paso, Texas (across the border from each other). They’ll do VBS in three places, and also help construct a Sunday school area for one of the El Paso churches. We have three churches in Juarez and six in El Paso. Gary Dilley, Director of Global Ministries, will lead that group.

Dr. Walter Burkholder passed away on July 9, 2004. The Pennsylvania native pastored at United Brethren churches in Pennsylvania, Fort Wayne, and near Geneva, Ind., and served as general secretary of Christian Education for the United Brethren denomination.

Surviving are wife, Erma; children, Alan, Ann Oden, and Sharon Bryant; five grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.

Services were held Tuesday, July 14, in Huntington, Ind.

Here are some news items taken from Hong Kong Conference’s June 2004 report. It includes news about two missionaries who have come from Hong Kong Conference, and about work in several other countries.

Arek and Donna Delik (Poland). The summer English camp has been canceled due to a lack of tutors. Donna and Arek will start evangelism in Kutno and promote the mission work of Operation Mobilization….Donna and Arek will take 22 youths to participate in the Conference on Street Evangelism for youths in Germany from July 31 to August 6.

Myanmar. The move to the newly purchased centre has been postponed as the contractor is still not ready to hand over the centre to us….In June, the English classes started and the admission is good. As a result, two more tutors are required.

Northern Thailand. At present, an Akar missionary couple is working with Pastor Lee….In August, Mr K. K. Fung will lead a short-term mission group to Northern Thailand. There are five participants.

Bridget Ho. Ms. Bridget Ho completed her short mission in Nepal and returned to Hong Kong on June 20. She will attend a talk on Youth Mission in Taiwan.

Macau. At Living Word church, a coworker for student evangelistic work is required so that Pastor Connie Sung can have more time for church pastoring and training….Mr. Michael Chan is serving in the English Centre. He is from the Cell-group Training College. The Centre is open from June to August to facilitate English studies.