Margaret Maybee, minister of Music at Eden UB (Mason, Mich.), writes, “We were privileged, for the third time, to present a 20-minute portrayal of the Christmas Story on the lawn of the Ingham County Courthouse in downtown Mason. We did this on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings of Thanksgiving weekend.

“The Eden Church presented a Christmas Cantata entitled ‘Journey to the Manger.’ A new cantata with a powerful message of what God can do to change the heart of an atheist through drama and music.

“Eden church went to two services–a blended service, and a contemporary service. We recently changed this, making the first service traditional and the second one contemporary. No other church in the Mason area offers a traditional service. We have both styles, now and we trust it will help reach those who favor the hymns, choir, organ, and piano. This change came because of a request of some in the congregation. A fine worship band will provide the contemporary service to meet the needs of those who desire this type of music. Our goal is to reach all kinds of people for Christ.”

On January 7, Camp Cotubic sent out a plea for help. An ice storm knocked down numerous trees and branches, and also killed the power at the camp in the town of Bellefontaine. The ton of trees and branches and also wiped out the power.

In response, 40-50 men, women, and children showed up the next day, Saturday, to help clean up the mess. Chainsaws ran most of the day. They created a number of piles of wood to be removed or burned, and in other places pushed trees to the side to open the roads. New Horizons Church in Rockford, Ohio, offered to rent a tree chipper for the camp.

Our couple in India sent a report on January 9 concerning the tsunami. “In India, the badly hit state is Tamil Nadu, which is the state south of our state. We live one and half miles from the coast, where one village was hit hard by the tsunami. Twenty houses were washed away and five people died. More than 5000 people were accommodated in the local schools and colleges in Narsapur immediately after it happened. They all returned to their villages within 48 hours. We offered medical care in our hospital.

“We have distributed saris, towels, and lunges (men’s clothing) to the fishermen community who have become Christians in the near by villages. Community health teams from our hospital are involved in helping the people in the villages. We are still in need of funds for blankets, sheets, and funds to help rebuild huts so they can start over again. These people are going through much grief. Showing the love and compassion of Christ is so important right now.

“We request that your gifts be sent to Global Ministries, 302 Lake Street, Huntington, IN 46750. Please mention that it is for tsunami relief.”

On February 5, Corunna UB is sponsoring “An Evening with Marilyn Laszlo.” It will be at the Auburn Cord-Deusenberg Museum in Auburn, Ind., beginning at 5:00 pm. From 5:00 — 6:00, there will be a tour of the museum (tours will also take place following the event). A banquet begins at 6:00 pm, followed by music by “One Faith,” a women’s trio from Emmanuel Community UB church in Fort Wayne. Then Marilyn Laszlo will speak.

Tickets for the banquet are $18 per person. They can be obtained by calling either 260-281-2138 or 260- 927-8137. They are also available at the Anchor Room Bookstore in Fort Wayne.

On Sunday morning, February 6, Jennifer Blandin will speak at 9:00, followed by Marilyn Laszlo speaking at 10:00.

At the beginning of January, Bishop Paul Hirschy began a new round of radiation treatments. On January 12 he reported, “I am in the middle of the second week of radiation treatments on a lump in my neck. They originally projected just ten days of treatment. However, the lump has not decreased as rapidly as the doctors expected, and so I very likely will need additional treatments. Doctors will let me know on Friday, when I go in for my treatment.

“As of today, January 12, I am happy to report that I have not had any noticeable side effects from the radiation treatment. I praise God that I have been able to keep my normal schedule except for the time that I must drive to Fort Wayne for the treatment. I have had to cancel just a few meetings during this time.”

HallmanTwins.jpgOn January 5, during an ice storm, Pastor Tim and Tara Hallman of Anchor UB Church in Fort Wayne, Ind. became the parents of twin boys. Levi Matthew and Isaac Timothy, identical twins, were born 17 minutes apart at Dupont Hospital in Fort Wayne. They were born about four-and-a-half weeks early, weighing 5 lbs, 8.8 oz (Levi) and 5 lbs, 13 oz. Everyone’s doing great.

Bridget Ho, a UB endorsed missionary, is serving in Myanmar. Hong Kong Conference reports, “She is teaching English in Myanmar and visiting the orphans. She will perform in a drama and lead hymn-singing. She will also be responsible for the music part in the English class party. She will return to HK in later January to report on her mission work.” Bridge previously served short-term with Operation Mobilization in Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Harvest Community UB church (Toledo, Ohio) merged with another congregation in August, and in October the name was changed to NorthPoint Church to be reflective of the new congregation.

Pastor Brad Wotring writes, “Currently our church is running about 450 people in our two Sunday morning services. That is up from the 30-40 attenders when I came here three years ago. We now have 4 fulltime pastors on staff, 16 small groups up and running, about 60 kids in children’s ministry, and 75 junior and senior high kids in student ministry.

“In November we hosted our third annual Thanksgiving Dinner and Concert where we feed over 600 people from our church and their family and friends for free. During our most recent outreach, in December, we gave away over 200 Christmas trees to people in the community.”