Fort Wayne, Ind. Here are several items from Anchor UB (Fort Wayne, Ind.), which on October 19 celebrates its fifth anniversary.

  • About a dozen youth from Anchor UB, along with several adult sponsors, attended the DC/LA youth conference in Cincinnati. Some of the neighborhood youth made decisions for Christ during the event.
  • Soon after returning, the youth headed off again, this time for the Cornerstone music festival in Bushnell, Ill.
  • Jamie Knuth, a member of the youth group, led this year’s VBS program during June. She incorporated high-school, college, and adult volunteers. A great example of youth ministry leadership. Jamie, who has also been a youth leader with Campus Life, is now a freshman at Taylor University’s Fort Wayne campus.
  • Every year, Anchor holds a baptismal service/picnic/worship service at the Stillwater retreat just south of Fort Wayne. This year, five people were baptized. They included a mother and adult daughter; the daughter had led her mom to the Lord during the previous month.
  • Over fifty kids showed up for our fifth annual Neighborhood Carnival. Many of them came for the first time.

The youth of College Park UB (Huntington, Ind.) embarked on a missions effort to help Honduras Conference get its church camp ready for ministry. Twenty-two people, including 16 youth and 6 adult staff, went on one of several short-term mission trips, working in partnership with Honduras Conference.

College Park is starting its second year with the Upward basketball and cheerleading program. Thus far, 27 kids have accepted Christ as a result of the ministry. They anticipate well over 200 students being involved during the second year.

Here are several items about summer events at Otterbein UB in Waynesboro, Pa.

On July 8-10, over 20 players and coaches met for 3 days of High Flyer basketball camp. The camp offered players a chance to develop physically, socially, and spiritually. Players learned both basketball and life skills in a fun and competitive environment. Each player left the camp with a t-shirt, a ball, a pizza, and a great learning experience.

On July 11, 34 men and women participated in the Annual Otterbein Golf Scramble. The winning team shot a 65. Gift certificates were awarded to the top teams of each flight as well as the longest drive and closest to the hole. One person commented, “It was a great opportunity for me to spend some time with my son and get to know the others on my team in a fun environment.”

Twelve men from Otterbein attended the Promise Keeper event held in Pittsburgh July 11-12. The men had a great time together and were challenged spiritually to be men of God. They arrived Friday and attended the opening session, then stayed overnight and attended the sessions on Saturday with 11,000 other men.

Over 40 players and coaches met for this year’s Golden Goal soccer camp, held July 21-25. Players learned several soccer skills and a life skill on each of the five nights of camp. They also played games against other teams in the camp. Each player received a t-shirt, soccer ball, pizza, and a week of camp experience.

Otterbein held a “Group Connect” night on September 7, from 6:30-8:00. It was designed as a non-threatening environment where people could connect with others who share common interests, life stages, or geographic location. These starter small groups will meet for a total of four weeks at the church’s ministry center before going out on there own. This will provide the groups with a safe and comfortable environment to see if their starter group wants to continue beyond these four weeks. Fifty people showed up for the Group Connect night–potentially, another 3-5 small groups. The church already has 22 LIFE small group.

Vicky Lorencen, Director of Discipleship and Assimilation at Gethsemane UB (Jackson, Mich.), reports, “Nearly 100 children participated in this summer’s Building Champions Soccer Camp July 21-25). Our theme was ‘Soul Survivor–Only the Strong Survive.’

“It included a drama and reality show format based on an unlikely combination of the NBC show Survivor and the verse Joshua 1:9, ‘Be strong and courageous.’ Kids learned soccer skills, made crafts, and enjoyed a lively teaching time each night. Sixteen children responded to the gospel message at the end of the week.”

June Brown, who served some 30 years in Sierra Leone as a missionary, underwent a four-hour quadruple bypass surgery on Wednesday, September 24. It went very well.

June will be in the hospital probably until September 30 or October 1. Here’s the hospital address:

Harrisburg Hospital
111 South Front Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101

A malignant tumor has also been found; it will be dealt with after the heart surgery.

Roger Reeck, a UB missionary with Wycliffe in Honduras, is in Dallas undergoing tests for some health problems which have plagued him for some time. “Things are looking a little more hopeful than we thought at first,” says Marilyn Reeck, “but he still needs to undergo a few more tests.”

A bronchoscopy was to be done on Wednesday. “Our prayer is that through that test, they will see exactly what is behind the mass.”

Luanne Brooks, UB missionary in Haiti with OMS International, sent this note on September 23:

“My heart is very heavy this morning. I have a very good friend here named Delores Pudwell. Delores and her husband, Brunell, have become like parents to me. She is in her early 70s. She and her husband have been independent missionaries to Haiti for many, many years.

“Over the past few months, Delores has been having stomach problems and losing a lot of weight. Last week the Pudwells flew to the US for tests to see why Delores has been so sick. Brunell called me this morning and told me they will not be back for a while. They are flying to North Dakota (their home) this week, where Delores will undergo surgery and further treatment. In the tests this week they found that Delores has a malignant lesion in her stomach. Please pray with me that our God, the great physician, will touch this sainted child of his.”

Bishop Emeritus C. Ray Miller was trimming some trees on September 15, and was on the final one, when the ladder toppled. He sustained multiple fractures around his shoulder area, three or four other small fractures around his pelvic and lower back area, and also jammed his hip. A full recovery is expected. However, he faces 8-12 weeks of bed rest. Address for cards: Bishop C. Ray Miller, 2260 Dieringer Drive, Huntington, IN 46750.

Missionary Roger Reeck is currently in the States undergoing tests for what may be cancer. He flew to Dallas to see specialists on September 20. Marilyn was scheduled to fly up later. Daughters Amanda and Teresa live in the Dallas area.

Marilyn writes, “About six weeks ago Roger came down with a virus that was going around. He couldn’t seem to shake it and was feeling not up to par. The middle of August he took a trip to Guatemala and had a hard time driving the 14 hours back home. He went to see a doctor who, after running preliminary tests, decided that he had a recurrence of the virus. He was still feeling poorly with strong headaches, weakness and low grade fevers, so he went to another doctor who recommended several tests.

One of the tests was a CAT scan, which they did a week ago. The results showed that he has a problem area in the lungs. Dr. McKinney (a thoracic surgeon and part of the mission hospital where our daughter Christy works) read the tests and concurred that it needs immediate attention. He suggested that Roger leave for the US immediately.

On Monday, September 15, Roger contacted a doctor at the Wycliffe clinic in Dallas. He set up an appointment with a pulmonary specialist for September 22 in Dallas. He will see the specialist, who will schedule him for another CAT scan and then for an endoscopy and biopsy. At the moment things do not look good, but we believe in the God of miracles and are very hopeful for a good outcome.

“We praise the Lord that this was discovered quickly and that necessary medical attention has been set up for Roger so quickly in Dallas.”