Sam Quinn, superintendent of California Conference, sent this note: “Please be in prayer for the Canyon Country church, as they are making decisions as far as having to move to a new and larger location. The cost could be as much as $10,000 per month–a large commitment.” This Hispanic congregation of about 400 people was recently told that they could not continue using the Lutheran facility where they have been meeting for many years. Edwin Recinos is the pastor.

The high school group at Jerusalem Chapel UB (Churchville, Va.) went on a missions trip to Holly Hill, Fla. They participated in various “Conspiracy of Kindness” projects within the Holly Hill and Daytona Beach communities. They worked through Matt McKeown, youth pastor at First UB in Dayton.

Stan Becker, associate pastor at Jerusalem Chapel, reports, “The youth performed exceptionally well doing tasks for the Holly Hill Municipal Building, the Boys and Girls Club, the UB church, and the church thrift store.

“The highlight of the trip was a ‘drink giveaway’ on Daytona Beach. We drove in three vans up and down the beach giving cold water and juice drinks to over 400 people. As we were giving out the drinks, we would give them a small card explaining what we were doing and would say ‘This is from our youth group to show you God’s love in a practical way.’ We reached many people with God’s love that day.”

Zion UB church in Willshire, Ohio, held a celebration service on August 24 to formally conclude its ministry. Zion and the Willshire churches have merged, and are preparing to build a new worship facility in Willshire. The Zion building has sold and the new owners will take possession September 1.

Mark Beers has been named senior pastor of Decatur UB church (Decatur, Ind.). He had been pastor of Gaines UB in Caledonia, Mich. Mark is originally from Emmanuel UB in Fort Wayne, Ind. He will start at Decatur in mid-September.

Jim Sturgeon, the current pastor at Decatur, will officially retire on Sunday, August 31. Dr. Paul Fetters will serve as Minister of the Word for the Decatur church until Mark’s arrival.

David Meece will be in concert at Pleasant Valley United Brethren Church (Lake Odessa, Mich.) on Saturday evening September 20, starting at 6:30 pm. There are 200 reserved seats and 100 additional seats available on a first-come basis. Reserved seats can be requested by calling pastor Gary Taylor at 616-693-2366. A free will offering will be taken at the concert with proceeds going to the local pregnancy resource center. The church is located 10 miles west of Lake Odessa, Mich., on highway M-50.

The Eagle’s Wings church (Brice, Ohio) has disbanded. Central Conference is in the process of selling the property and dissolving the membership roll.

Presenting the van keys to Francisco Raudales, superintendent of Honduras Conference.

A group from King Street UB in Chambersburg, Pa., delivered a new van to Honduras. Ray Ankerbrand reports:

“We arrived late on Tuesday, July 15, a little late since we were held up at the Mexican border. The paperwork was not complete for permanent use, but the van can be used while it is being completed. The bus remains at the Guatemalan border pending completion of the paperwork, but it is just across the border in Honduras. We had a very good trip. One tire blowout on the bus.”

On Sunday, August 3, New Hope UB (Huntington, Ind.) dedicated a new church sign. After the morning service, everyone gathered around the sign, and Rev. M. E. Burkett conducted the dedication ceremony, assisted by Rev. Kent Maxwell and Rev. Ron Evans. To end the ceremony, all believers received communion.

The Santa Clarita Hispanic congregation (Canyon Country, Calif.) has been one of the fast-growing churches in the denomination for the past several years, now running around 400 people (and they have also helped started several other churches). They have been meeting at a Lutheran church. However, they were recently notified that they will no longer have the use of the facilities, at least not to the extend that they need. They are simply growing too fast, using too much space…and they are not Lutherans.

Starting in August, they will be using the building only on Sundays, and one or two other times, for a total of only 29 hours per month. They will be paying 100 dollars per hour, or $2900. The church has already started saving money to buy property and build their own facility. Edwin Recinos is the pastor.

The Burbank Hispanic church, under the leadership of Pastor Luis Benitez, is also experiencing fast growth and has outgrown the UB church in Burbank. They need a larger facility.

On May 24, Mt. Olivet UB (Mt. Solon, Va.) sponsored a work team to Honduras consisting of one UB and three Russian Baptists. Kevin Lam, the UB, was joined by Konstantin Sarandi, Pavel Sarandi, and Denis Verkhovtsev. Kevin writes:

“We built a house for the Timoteo Gomez family at the Monte Hebron project in El Pino. Timoteo was a valuable help to us along with 7 other local people, most of whom are now living in the Colonia Monte Hebron. We also had the great honor of attending Sunday morning worship service with the brand new congregation of about 80 now meeting at the site of the new houses. Timoteo Gomez and two others led us in singing and worship.

Our team was asked to participate (the melting together of three cultures.) So we shared some scripture and words of encouragement in Spanish, a hymn in English, and Pavel sang a solo in Russian. Then Pastor Ovidio Sanchez preached. This group meets four times a week in the street–Sunday mornings in the hot sun and three nights under a streetlight. When it rains there is no service. They are praying for shelter to come soon, but braving the elements hasn’t dimmed their joy.