Praying for the Next Generation of Leaders

This month the United Brethren Church is praying for the next generation of Christian leaders and we are inviting you to join us. Here are a few ways you can pray this month:

  1. Pray that God would call the next generation to ministry service.
  2. Pray that the next generation would hear that call.
  3. Pray that you might see those whom God may be calling.
  4. Pray for the courage to have a conversation that might alert a young person to God’s call on their life.

In a recent video, Ryan Koch (Hopewell United Brethren Church, Auburn, IN) shared his story of being called to ministry but not recognizing it until someone else saw it. Watch now.

Who do you see that God might be calling? Have you talked to them about what you see? Sometimes all it takes is a simple word of encouragement to help a young person recognize a calling.

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