Pray for Haiti

We received the following note from our friends in the Canadian UB Conference with an update on the unrest in Haiti. As you read this, we invite you to join us in prayer that the hearts of the people would turn toward peace and restoration.

“Social order continues to deteriorate in Haiti. This past weekend, gangs took over several police locations and two jails. This is not far from where some UB churches are. It was a very violent takeover that left many dead; thankfully no UB members were killed. 

A local UB shared this: 

Things are very bad, I have never witnessed this kind of escalation during this 5 year crisis. The streets are now 10× more unsafe due to more than 4,000 convicts that are roaming the streets of the capital and probably the countryside by now.

The streets are empty, there’s been lots of gunshots echoing in every neighborhood within the capital.

Many police stations have been attacked, things are completely out of control.

Let us cry out in prayer for Haiti. A mighty move of God is needed to see things restored. Our friends in Haiti are hurting but it does comfort them to know we are praying.”

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