Death of Pastor Oliam Richard

Pastor Richard (left) with UB Haiti Superintendent Supreme (right)

We received word that Pastor Oliam Richard passed away on Sunday night. He was with his family in Paris. In an official announcement of his passing, Matt Robertshaw, the Global Outreach Director from the UB Church in Canada had this to say:

Pastor Richard was born in Haiti and studied theology in Jamaica before working with the Salvation Army in the United States. By 2000 he was leading a small evangelical denomination with churches in Paris and in Haiti. He connected with UB bishop Ray Seilhamer and joined the international United Brethren church. He served as superintendent of the United Brethren church in Haiti for 19 years. 

In the last few years he has spent time in Haiti and with his family in France, and continued to be involved with churches in both countries. He will be missed by many in Haiti, North America, France and beyond.

Services will be held in his honour in Paris on the 26th and 27th of October.

The family and communities in grief would appreciate your prayers.

Let’s join our brothers and sisters around the world in prayer for Pastor Richard’s family. Let’s also join in celebrating his life and the impact he made for the Kingdom.

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