Update from the Final Day at Mattru Hospital

Jeff Bleijerveld (right), Director of Global Ministries

The following email was received Friday morning, January 13. Director Bleijerveld and associate director Michelle Harris are at Mattru Hospital in Sierra Leone with a ten-person medical team. They return to the US tomorrow, January 14. 

This morning the doctors are making their last rounds before we begin the trip back to Freetown. We’ll stay there overnight, and then begin the trip home with a layover in France.

Since I last wrote you, two babies were successfully delivered–one naturally, the other by c-section. We’ve also continued to receive new patients, and a variety of procedures have been performed. We are sad to report that one of the three babies admitted with cerebral malaria passed away the first night, but the other two are recovering.

Just this morning a set of twin babies with club feet were brought to the hospital. We’ve been in touch with the Ministry of Health to determine whether there is an orthopedic surgeon in the country able to perform the corrective surgery.

I am happy to report that the first installment of funding from a major donor has been received. Additional funds will come from another foundation, and Global Ministries will be contributing $50,000. The entire project will cost $430,000 but will benefit the hospital with new income from the sale of surplus power to the community and from small businesses they’ll operate at the hospital, like the water purification/packaging project.

In the meanwhile we continue to assist the hospital in paying staff salaries. With the focus on fundraising for the solar project, donors have decreased their giving normal giving toward the salary support project. As a result we left the hospital this morning having left salaries for November and December still unpaid. We nearly have enough to pay November, but lack some $4000 to pay for December.

Begin praying for the next team that will be in the country during the last two weeks of February. It includes a medical team and a technical team.

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