Your Help for the Continuing Ebola Crisis

Bishop John Pessima (right) of Sierra Leone Conference reports that the Ebola crisis has crippled the economy and basic food prices have soared. Offerings have been taken locally, and rice has been purchased and distributed among UB churches. But their resources are limited.

Bishop Pessima has traveled regularly among churches to encourage and pray for pastors and members. He is particularly concerned about our nine churches in Liberia whom they have not been able to visit or help.

United Brethren churches and individuals have already generously provided thousands of dollars to help with the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone. However, the crisis is far from over, and may indeed become much worse.

Any continuing gifts you provide for Ebola relief will be passed on without any administrative fees being taken out. You can send donations to:

Global Ministries
302 Lake Street
Huntington, IN 46750

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