Pachecos: First UB Missionaries from Honduras

Since United Brethren ministry to Spanish-speakers began in 1951, Honduras National Conference has grown to include over 115 churches, an international school, a retreat center, and a theological institute. However, an unfulfilled ambition has been to send missionaries overseas.

Introducing Milton and Erika Pacheco. In April, Honduras approved them for missionary service in partnership with Global Ministries. The location is yet to be confirmed, but Thailand is a serious consideration.

Milton holds an undergraduate degree in business administration and a graduate degree from the conference seminary. He currently works for Habitat for Humanity, and he regularly ministers as a singer/songwriter in local churches. Erika works with Marilyn Reeck with the Summer Institute of Linguistics. Both Milton and Erika plan to spend about a year at Huntington University studying missions.

They will be the first United Brethren missionaries sent out from Honduras.

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