Maria Pavon: First UB Missionary from Nicaragua

Maria Pavon would tell you God called her to be a missionary from a young age. Growing up in Nicaragua, the daughter of pastor and superintendent Rev. Juan Pavon, she had plenty of opportunities to be involved in ministry, but missions seemed a distant dream.

Then along came Jeff and April Dice, Global Ministries non-traditional staff who spend a few months each year in Nicaragua facilitating our partnership with the conference and coordinating the efforts of volunteer teams. They helped Maria nurture that vision and make her way to Huntington University to prepare for missions. She completed a degree in Elementary Education while taking as many mission and ministry courses as possible.

Maria graduated in May 2014 and is currently involved in an internship, which will have her student teaching in Michigan among other activities. While her specific assignment has yet to be determined, it will most likely involve teaching as a means to do ministry in Asia.

She will be the first United Brethren missionary sent out from Nicaragua.

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