A Good Two Weeks in Sierra Leone

Dr. Ron Baker (right)

A short-term team spent January 22 – February 9 in Sierra Leone, doing medical and construction work. Upon returning, Dr. Ron Baker sent this report.

I am convinced that what made this such an excellent trip is that we had so much prayer coverage. This morning in church, I mentioned to several there that this was not just a very successful trip, but even more importantly it was significant and hopefully will help future teams.

Our team was blessed to have Kadie Allie, a friend who lives in Naperville, Ind., help co-lead with me. In addition, we had Dr. Abu Minnah on our team, a surgeon practicing in South Africa who was on leave in Sierra Leone. He willingly gave of his time to be with us and did all the surgery. So, this was actually an international team, which was a real blessing.

It was great to have on the team Dr. Jerry Sell, family physician from Rockford, Ohio; Mike Smith, anesthetist and pastor from Van Wert, Ohio; and Michelle Berg, nurse from Traverse City, Mich. (who had been a missionary nurse with us back in the late 1980s). Each one added areas of expertise and giftedness that the Lord used.

I felt so honored and grateful to be a part of this team that I believe the Lord brought together. I also want to mention how thankful the whole team was for the invaluable behind-the-scenes help and planning given by Donna Hollopeter of Global Ministries!

Almost 30 surgeries were done. In addition, we a lot of patients. We also had the opportunity to make some excellent contacts which I pray will help the hospital in the future, did a radio interview, and were able to have quite a few people over in the evenings to share several meals of rice together and enjoy their fellowship.

The first Sunday, our team was able to hold a service in the Moyamba prison. That afternoon on the way to Mattru, we were able to visit my brother Norman’s grave site where I once again shared with the many villagers who accompanied us the story of how God used his tragic death to shape my life.

The following weekend we were on our way back in to Freetown, where I was interviewed by a local Freetown newspaper. Last Sunday, our team was able to worship at the Lumley UB church before we headed out to the Lungi Airport and on home.

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