Roger Reeck Undergoes Surgery

Roger Reeck, a Global Ministries endorsed staff in Honduras, underwent surgery on Wednesday morning, April 24, on his left ankle. Roger and his wife, Marilyn, serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Twelve years ago Roger fractured his left ankle, and pins and other hardware were inserted. But of late, he has suffered a lot of pain. Xrays now show that two pins on the inner side of the ankle were out of place and almost protruding through the skin.

Last week Roger visited the American surgeon at a mission hospital where his daughter Chrysti works, with the plan that the two pins be removed. But after the doctor consulted with others, he decided that all of the metal–the plate, screws and the pins–should be removed.

This surgery happened Wednesday morning, April 24. Marilyn reported: “The operation went well, lasting around three hours. All the metal was successfully removed from the ankle area. One of the screws was difficult to find because it was embedded in a bone. These screws were putting pressure on a tendon sheath and a nerve. The doctors are hopeful that this will relieve a lot of the pain. Since the operation happened at a mission hospital, there were no costs involved and an extra bonus was that our daughter Chrysti assisted.”

Roger will stay with Chrysti for a while before moving back back to his home in La Ceiba.

Roger had planned to travel to Columbia on Wednesday to spend a few days checking a Bible translation for a group there, and then meet up with Marilyn in Venezuela, where she was leading a Multiplication One Story workshop. Roger’s travel plans were of course cancelled. Marilyn postponed her trip for a few days, but will soon head to Venezuela for the workshop. While she is gone, Chrysti will be able to periodically check on Roger in La Ceiba.

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