Rick Tyler Joins Global Ministries Family

Rick Tyler (right) has been approved as endorsed staff with Global Ministries. Rick and his wife, Diane, are from Parkwood Gardens UB church in Guelph, Ontario.

Rick has served in the home office of Christian Missions Resource Centre since November 2011. With CMRC, Rick is involved with mission trips to South America. In the past, he has led mission teams to various locations, mostly in the Caribbean and Central America.

Rick has served with Christian Missions Resource Centre in Ontario, Canada for 12 years–first as a volunteer, and on staff since November 2011. He is well suited for his role in communications, since his background includes working in Christian television and media for over 35 years. Self-educated and self-employed, his projects include pioneering works to well seasoned ministries.

CMRC’s mission is to help the world’s needy both 
spiritually and in practical gifts of helps. They have projects in Cuba, Peru, and Guatemala.

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