Conference and Education Updates from Honduras

A recent Church-Based Theological Education seminar that took place in La Cieba, Honduras.

Juanita Chavez (right), superintendent of Honduras Conference, recently attended COICOM–the Confederation Iberoamerican of Communicators, Media, Pastors and Christian Leaders. She was joined by several other UBs from Honduras. There were more than 5000 participants, domestic and foreign, in attendance during the five days of the conference.

The conference also continues its program of continuing studies ETBIL (Local Church-Based Theological Education). They just came through an intensive week of studies from 7 am to 8 pm each day. This has become a model for the theological education and training of both pastors and lay leaders throughout the conference and is proving to be quite successful.

Although a specific date has not been set for their annual conference in January, they are planning to conduct 100 hours of prayer throughout their churches prior to the event.

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