Do You Support the Ministry, or Just the Missionary?

A new article was added to the Resources section of the UBGlobal website: “Engaged with the Mission or Just the Missionary? Why and How One Church Shifted Its Approach.” It’s an enlightening article which probably applies to how your United Brethren church views mission support.

John Kless, pastor of a Pennsylvania church with about 160 people, says his church has long been enthusiastic about supporting many missionaries around the world. But he realized that they were more interested in the missionaries than the people those missionaries worked among.

“Our church had sent out a couple to serve among the unreached peoples of Papua New Guinea, but they had recently returned home to a ministry in New Mexico….We had forgotten all about the unreached of Papua New Guinea! It dawned on me that I loved missionaries but I couldn’t care less about the lost people they were sent to reach!”

The article describes the steps they took to focus more on unreached people, and not just on missionaries.

UBGlobal includes a number of other resource articles, including a series on understanding the various major world religions–Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Animism.

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