Billy Simbo Accepts New Position in Sierra Leone

Billy Simbo (right), former bishop of Sierra Leone Conference, has accepted a new position as director of a non-profit organization called Diakonia Interdenominational Services for Counseling Evangelism and Teaching (DISCET). He applied for the position several weeks ago, and was notified on July 28 that he was being offered the job. He accepted the position, and is now awaiting the official letter of appointment.

Rev. Simbo wrote on July 28, “Prior to this job being available, I had felt a definite call to return to the land of my birth, and my son Alan and I have been working on an initiative called Love Sierra Leone Now. I am amazed at how the hand of God works in confirming a calling and then empowering those who would follow.”

From the website: “DISCET was founded in 1998 in Freetown, Sierra Leone, while the civil war was still raging. Since then, DISCET has trained over 400 church leaders in evangelism, church growth and effective preaching. DISCET promotes counseling, evangelism, and training to heal the wounds of the people of Sierra Leone, to show the way of the abundant life, and to train people in skills to ensure that Sierra Leone becomes the praise of the earth.”

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