Haiti Project: $200 for Medical Supplies

Dr. Germain with Haitian children.

In October 2011, a United Brethren team from Canada met Dr. Germain Robinson Lorentz, one of two doctors who worked with them in a medical clinic ministry. He survived the earthquake of January 2010, but lost his wife, young daughter, mother, and brother in their collapsed home. If he hadn’t stopped for a few minutes to watch a soccer match, he too would have died.

The team felt that God brought Germain to work with them so they could love and encourage him while giving him opportunity to use his skills to help the sick. They learned that he believed he was spared for a purpose–to help his fellow Haitians in any way he could. All he needed for himself was enough to live simply. Any funds he could gather would go for medicines to help the people of Grand Saline, a village about four hours from Port au Prince.

During the week, Germain works for a mission hospital for a very small stipend. Twice a month, he travels to Grand Saline to do medical work among the people there. With very little in the way of meds, he does what he can for this village of about 1000 people.

The Canadian team members have maintained contact with Germain, and interested persons contributed funds so he could leave the tent in which he had lived for two years and move into one of four apartments in a house.

Canada’s Global Outreach Leadership Team feels that support for medicines for Germain to use is a call of God. Future medical trips by Canadian teams will be assured of having a Haitian doctor. When non-medical ministries are undertaken by Canadian teams, they will take items to assist Germain with his medical work–baby formula, water purification kits, vitamins, etc. Having the money to purchase specific items in Haiti is the best way we can help, though.

Anyone wishing to contribute funds for this kind of ministry support (strictly medical supplies) is invited to do so. We will send $200 a month as long as monies are available. Any funding gathered in the United States will be sent to the Canadian treasurer.

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