Three New Members of the Global Ministries Team

Jeff Bleijerveld, Director of Global Ministries

The Global Ministries Leadership Team has three new members.

John Hetrick. John is a member of King Street UB church in Chambersburg, Pa., where he became of follower of Christ seven years ago. John serves as a member of King Street’s missions team and recently traveled with me as part of our vision team to Chiang Rai, Thailand. John works for a division of IBM as a project director, consulting with corporate customers on the software needs and directing a team of programmers and developers. He brings with him the ability to think strategically and a fresh perspective of a layperson. He begins a four-year term this fall.

Chuck Malson. Chuck has been senior pastor of Brown Corners UB church (Clare, Mich.) since 1981. He has participated in numerous short-term missions trips, especially to Nicaragua. He has been involved in pastoral training and has led missions teams. Brown Corners Church has a definite missional focus both at home and abroad. Chuck brings the perspective of a large church interested in partnerships and an inquisitive mind always seeking to understand our rationale. He begins a four-year term this fall.

Al S, and the organization he represents, has been working with Global Ministries for the past three years in developing our micro-business strategies and curriculum. Al and his family served in South Asia for 14 years before returning to the United States to train and develop indigenous church planters among the most unreached areas of the world. We won’t give his full name, because he is involved in ministry to Islamic and other limited-access countries.

Global Ministries began appointing non-UBs to the team back in 1985, as a way to gain broader knowledge and expertise. However, in recent years all of the members have been UBs. The current Global Ministries team intentionally created this slot on the team for a non-UB, and designated it as a one-year appointment.

Leaving the Global Ministries Leadership Team are:

  • Ruth Ann Price, who has served on the team since 2001. She is a career missionary with Wycliffe and Missionary in Residence at Huntington University.
  • Wil Kline, a member of the team since the spring of 2009.
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