Leadership Training in Honduras

Honduran pastors involved in leadership training.

Sunday school teacher training at Puerto Cortes.

Thirty-two Honduran UB pastors participated in a training event. The conference is training leaders from each conference district using a program called ETBIL (Local Church-Based Theological Education). Thus far, 14 have completed the entire program.

Participants meet twice a month, for 6 hours at a time, to work through the units of study together. The idea is that this first generation of 14 will go on to train pastors in all districts, and then pastors will provide the same training for their own congregations.

“We continue being very focused on preparing leaders,” writes Superintendent Chavez.

Honduras has invested tremendous effort over the past three years to provide numerous regional training events of this nature. Many pastors have limited education and theological training. They also are often bi-vocational, so the on-site training is appreciated. Superintendent Juanita Chavez sees this as a high priority, and local churches are experiencing the benefits.

In addition, a workshop for Sunday school teachers was held on a recent Saturday in the Wesley Zion Church in Puerto Cortes.

As of January 2012, Rev. Gonzalo Alas was appointed to serve only the work in El Salvador and will no longer spend any of his time the El Copan region, where he had previously served as a church planter. Honduras oversees the work in El Salvador, but any gifts from other conferences would always be welcome and can be directed through Global Ministries.

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