A New Staffperson in Global Minstries

Frank and Ginny

Global Ministries has hired Frank Y as a new associate director (for security reasons, we won’t use his full name on our websites and will be vague about some of his work). He becomes the fourth member of the staff, joining Jeff Bleijerveld (director), Donna Hollopeter (associate director), and Peggy Sell (administrative assistant). Frank and his wife, Ginny, are members of Emmanuel UB church in Fort Wayne, Ind.

Frank was born in China. He came to the States at age 7, when his father came here to earn his Master’s and PhD in Engineering at the University of Florida. Frank spent his childhood in several east coast states, but mostly in New Jersey, where his parents now live.

A relationship with a Taiwanese Christian woman–which started when she found his father’s lost wallet and returned it–eventually led to Frank’s family becoming Christians. The story also involves a serious heart condition Frank had, a hole in his heart. His mother began reaching out to God by praying over Frank…and he was completely healed. As he says now, “My heart is God’s.” Frank himself made the decision to follow Christ in junior high.

Frank earned an engineering degree from Cornell University, and then came to Fort Wayne in 2002 to work with Lincoln Financial Group. He worked in various departments, including strategy, marketing, and operations. He began worshiping at the Love Church in downtown Fort Wayne, but also attended a Bible study at The Chapel in the western suburbs. He and Ginny, who grew up in Fort Wayne, met at that Bible study, and were married in 2004.

In 2007, Frank and Ginny relocated to Asia, where Frank taught English with a like-minded organization for four years, and also worked three years in member care. Frank and Ginny recently completed graduate degrees at Wheaton College in Illinois. Frank’s degree was in Intercultural Studies and Ginny’s in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

While attending Emmanuel during summer furloughs, Frank got acquainted with Jeff Bleijerveld, director of Global Ministries. That relationship eventually led to Jeff approaching Frank about joining the Global Ministries staff. Frank started September 15.

Frank and Ginny live in Fort Wayne, and are expecting their first child–a boy–in October.

Frank’s responsibilities will focus on three areas:

  1. Supervising the overseas Global Ministries staff.
  2. Dealing with new applicants and candidates.
  3. Business as Mission.

Donna Hollopeter, in her associate role, will focus on short-term volunteers, internships, and staff care. Jeff Bleijerveld will devote his time to mobilizing local churches, promotion, and coming alongside our international partners in their church planting and mission endeavors.

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