Chinese Congress on World Evangelism

At the Chinese Congress on World Evangelism in Indonesia

UB representatives at the conference.

The Chinese Congress on World Evangelism met for their 8th Gathering September 12-16 in Bali, Indonesia. United Brethren delegates from our Macau churches along, with a number of Global Ministries staff, joined another 2200 participants from throughout Asia.

Chris Chia, a keynote speaker for the conference, was converted from a Buddhist-Taoist background at a Billy Graham Crusade in Australia. Today he pastors the Adam Road Presbyterian Centre (ARPC) in Singapore, which has grown from 50 to 1500 members over the past 20 years. Chris Wright, author and international director of Langham Partnership International, a group founded by Rev. John Stott, also served as speaker. He is the author of both “The Mission of God” and more recently, “The Mission of God’s People”.

The vision of the CCOWE is to raise up Chinese churches in one accord, proclaiming the gospel until Christ’s return. Their first conference was held in Hong Kong in 1976. The next conference will be held in Taiwan.

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