Recognizing Churches that Give to Missions

Jeff Bleijerveld (center) giving certificates to the top-giving churches. On the left is Art Page, senior pastor of Salem UB (Chambersburg, Pa.), and on the right is Marty Pennington, senior pastor of Mainstreet Church (Walbridge, Ohio).

Jeff Bleijerveld, Director of Global Ministries

Global Ministries is very blessed to be the international arm of the United Brethren in Christ. On July 7, during the National Conference business meeting, we acknowledged those who were the largest donors to our ministry during the previous year (2010). The top ten churches, in terms of total giving to Global Ministries, are listed below.

This year we added one more category: the per-captial award. That recognition went to Log Cabin United Brethren in Boise, Idaho. Although, they have an average attendance of just 26, they gave more per member than any other church in the denomination. Their divided their giving fairly evenly between missionary support and relief needs.

Top Giving UB Churches in 2010

  1. King Street (Chambersburg Pa.): $67,737
  2. Salem (Chambersburg, Pa.): $31,170
  3. Brown Corners (Clare, Mich.): $31,100
  4. Mt. Pleasant (Chambersburg, Pa.): $30,650
  5. Mainstreet (Walbridge, Ohio): $27,650
  6. College Park (Huntington, Ind.): $26,194
  7. Parkwood Gardens (Guelph, Ont.): $24,865
  8. Emmanuel (Fort Wayne, Ind.): $18,300
  9. Banner of Christ (Bryon Center, Mich.): $16,304
  10. Grace (Sherkston, Ont.):L $12,469

Highest Per Capita
Log Cabin UB (Boise, Idaho): $9,870

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