Poland Team

A team of 15 persons are currently in Poland, helping to conduct an English Camp for teens in Kutno, Poland. They are working with Global Ministries endorsed staff Arek and Donna Delik. Donna sent a note on June 29 saying, “We are in the middle of English camp, and we are very thankful for the team from United Brethren church, who have given themselves 100% to the teenagers in the camp and show a lot of love to them. Some of the team members even sacrificed their spare time for ‘ice-cream’ to help Arek do the flooring in the new church building. We are really blessed by them.”

Donna reports that work is coming along well on the church building. After three months of demolition and cleaning up on the building they purchased last fall, construction began in earnest in April. “The roof construction is in its final stage of completion. Now the building looks quite different from the original one–taller, more spacious and functioning. Nonetheless, it is still far from finished. The metamorphosis has just begun.”

The team from the United States participated in the second service held in the unfinished building.

” It was another beautiful day. We enjoyed having the roof above our heads protecting us from the strong sun. We hope that we won’t be worshipping in this building only every few months. We are praying that we could have our normal service in this building permanently very soon. We are aiming to get the worship hall ready by the end of this year; however that means we have to finish all the basic construction and facilities like electricity, heating, bathroom, etc., first. We really need god to help us accomplish the impossible.”

You can download the Deliks’ June 2011 PDF newsletter, which includes many photos of the construction work and other information.

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