Project: A Tiny Guatemala Church with a Huge Vision

Pastor Jaime Chun and his wife may have a tiny model of the church building they are erecting, but they have a huge vision and an immense love for the people of their community in Guatemala.

In 2000, they began this church plant using their musical gifts to draw a crowd. They sacrificed their time and comfort in order to spend time infiltrating their community. The Chuns have lived by faith along with their four children in just two rooms, one as a living space and the other as a bedroom for the entire family. Yet they are always joyful and ready to bless those they meet.

Although unemployment in their area is at 50% and most only work seasonally in the sugar cane fields, the congregation of 80 has purchased a 9×16 meter lot and constructed one level of what they hope will one day be a three-story ministry center.

They are working in stages, so the project has been broken down as $5000 for the second floor, $7500 for the third, and another $7500 to finish the entire structure, interior, etc. Much of their focus is on children’s ministry. Since many cannot attend school, they offer education as well as spiritual care. They hope to even provide housing to orphans as the Lord provides.

If a team would be interested in assisting, it would be best to plan on traveling sometime between October and April to avoid the rain. Accommodations would be very basic, but love would be provided in abundance.

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