Project: Colonia la Estancia Church Plant

Pastor Basilio in the Colonia la Estancia building.

When the church plant began in La Estancia, Pastor Basilio was driving back and forth some two hours from Guatemala City to Escuintla. In the process, he and his family of seven lost their home in the city due to a lack of finances. Today, they live in a very basic shelter next to the church plant.

Although unemployment in their area is at 50% and most only work seasonally in the sugar cane fields, the congregation of 60 has purchased a 6×15 meter lot on which they built a picnic-style shelter where the congregation gathers. In order for the building to be improved, footers need to be poured, walls constructed, and a roof installed. They calculate that it would cost $8000 to make the improvements on the property.

A team would be welcome but would need to recognize that their accommodations would be quite rustic. If you’re up for that kind of challenge, the best time would be during the month of September. Workers are laid off from May until October, and rain is heavy during the summer months. The members of the church can’t offer much, but are willing to volunteer alongside a work team.

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