Acts 29: A Volunteer Opportunity Near Detroit

The cabinet-making shop at Acts 29.

Jeff Bleijerveld, Director of Global Ministries

Recently, I was in the Detroit area looking for opportunities for UB people and churches who are interested in short-term volunteer work in the United States–specifically to unreached people groups in the US. Joining me were Paul Plato, the Missions Coordinator for the UB Church in Canada, and John and Chris Polegato, from the Grace UB church in Sherkston, Ontario.

We visited two exciting locations near Detroit, Mich., where groups are working with urban and ethnic populations. Both are eager for volunteers this summer. Perhaps you or someone from your church would be interested.

John and Chris Polegato, from the UB church in Sherkston, Ontario, plan to spend three weeks this summer with Acts 29. John is an ESL instructor for the Ontario government, and Chris is a Christian counselor.

One is Acts 29, in Hamtramck, Mich.

Acts 29 is presently focusing on a four-square-mile area recognized as Detroit’s second empowerment community. This area includes two square miles of Detroit proper, and two square miles of the city of Hamtramck. This area is home to five major people groups: African American, Polish, Arab, Bosnian, and Asian Indians (from Bangladesh).

The two square miles of Detroit is 80% African American. This empowerment community has some of the lowest rankings in the country in family structure, economics, education, employment development, and housing. The Christian faith is proclaimed by some, but not lived out in any way.

More prevalent is the Islamic faith, which claims 60% of Hamtramck’s population.

Acts 29 is involved in urban, cross-cultural, vocational, camping, educational, and community transformation ministry. They run a cabinet-making business out of their center and rehabilitate homes in the area. Pastor John Meyer told us, “Be prepared for anything when you come to Hamtramck.”

Cost per day for food and lodging is $41 per person.

For more information contact Sharon Buttry, the Missions Coordinator, or visit their website.

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