If It was Always Winter, but Never Christmas

Donna Delik
Global Ministries Endorsed Staff, Kutno, Poland

This year we are experiencing very severe winter, which caused chaos everywhere all over Europe. This winter came suddenly and caught many off guard. Many are dreaming of a wonderful Christmas holiday, yet they may be stuck on the road or in the airport.

This winter reminds me C. S. Lewis’s book “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” The snow-blanketed land of Narnia is ruled by a wicked witch whose magic spell keeps the entire land so that “It is always winter, but never Christmas.”

What would our lives be like if it was always winter but never Christmas? There would be nothing to look forward to because days get shorter and thermometers fall. There would be no winter family gathering, no holiday traditions, no Christmas gifts….

On a more serious note: Christmas represents the birth of Jesus Christ. His coming changed history. Bethlehem only happened so Calvary could happen. He was only a baby so He could be a man and die. He only lived in order to die and save. If there had never been a Christmas, the world would be far different than it is today – in ways we cannot imagine.

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