Bishop Simbo Returns to Sierra Leone

After spending four months in the United States caring for his wife, Mamei, who was hospitalized for much of that time, Bishop Billy Simbo has returned to Sierra Leone. He arrived on November 24.

He reports, “I had a debriefing meeting with Rev. John Pessima, the Bishop-Designate, and I am very happy to report that he took care of things during my absence.

“I am adjusting to the heat, and the sweet (LOUD!) sounds of Freetown, and I know the next two months are going to be busy.

“One of the many things I enjoyed doing whilst I was in the US was attending the Abington at Edge Hill Rotary Club meetings for breakfast every Thursday morning. Tomorrow I get to go to my home Rotary Club, The Freetown Rotary Club after 4 months of absence. I am looking forward to it.

On Saturday, November 27, he and John Pessima headed up-country 200 miles for a church dedication the next day.

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