The UB Torch Making the Rounds in Jamaica

Deon McClennon, from Jamaica Conference, sent the following:

Every year Camp Malvern hosts the Jamaica Conference summer youth camp. At this camp over 100 youth attend and many give their souls to Jesus; others rejuvenate and strengthen their commitment to the Lord. Many other spiritual retreats and functions are also held at Camp Malvern.

The camp site is now in urgent need of repairs and development. Work teams from the United States will come to Jamaica in January and February in a 50/50 collaborative effort to develop Camp Malvern.

Since the beginning of the year, fundraising efforts in Jamaica have raised substantial funds for Camp Malvern. On October 17, at the Jamaica Conference midyear conference, the ”UB Torch” was launched. The UB Torch is a four-foot-high replica of our logo with a large square in the middle, which holds the development plans for Camp Malvern. Members who made contributions can sign in the square around the development plans of Camp Malvern.

It is called the UB Torch because it will travel to every church in Jamaica (similar to the Olympic torch), where members who have contributed will sign. The torch will continue to build the momentum as we approach the start of the project

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