October 9 Update on Mamei Simbo

Billy Simbo sent this update o his wife, Mamei, on Saturday, October 9.

“Mamei has gradually woken up from the anesthesia and is now opening her eyes and responding to our presence. More importantly yesterday afternoon (Friday) I received a call and report from the Cardiac Surgeon who performed the operation. He said he was pleased with the progress Mamei was making with her recovery Post-Op, and all the vital signs had positive indications. He told me we would still not rule out a stroke until she is fully awake and follows commands and tests.

As I write this she is still on the ventilator and is receiving dialysis. They hope to wean her off the machines gradually. Ahead for her is a long road of recovery and physical therapy.

As you have prayed before, we now ask you to focus your prayers on the following:

  1. That Mamei would get off the ventilator and breathe on her own.
  2. That she would gain the strength and the determination to begin doing those physical therapy exercises that are so vital for her recovery. Movement they say is very crucial right away or she will run the risk of developing pneumonia.
  3. Pray for timely recovery from the intensive care unit to the next phase of her treatment. The original plan was 3-4 days.
  4. Continue to pray for strength and endurance for the rest of the family. I have really appreciated all of you who have mentioned this in your cards, emails and phone calls. The rest of us need to be well, so we can attend to Mamei’s needs.
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