Medical Team Back from Honduras

2010 Honduras Medican Team

2010 Honduras Medical Team (click to enlarge)

The 19 members of the Honduras Medical Team returned to the States Saturday night, June 19. Co-leader Robert Cassidy called Donna Hollopeter in the Global Ministries office with an updated report.

  • The team conducted five clinics during their week in Honduras, treating over 3100 people.
  • They not only gave medical treatment, but prayed with people and were able to meet some other needs for various families (for example, provide funds for future surgeries that the team couldn’t handle, or arrange for ongoing medical assistance).
  • Several members of the team hadn’t participated on the previous Honduras medical trips. They testified that it was a life-changing experience for them.
  • Some persons, not being medical personnel, weren’t sure how they might be used. But everyone found a valuable role and kept busy all the time. Some took blood pressure, though they’d never done that before.
  • One woman dispensed all 600 of the reading glasses she took with her, and could have given out hundreds more.
  • The team stayed at a very nice facility in San Pedro Sula, the nation’s second-largest city. It was very secure and very clean, and the owner spoke English. Every morning they were fed breakfast, and at the end of the day, after a tiring clinic, they were able to jump into the pool. All of the clinics were held near San Pedro Sula.
  • The two largest clinics were in areas that were basically suburbs of San Pedro Sula. They treated 830 people in one, and 750 in the other.
  • The 19 participants came from these states: Kansas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana, and Ohio.
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