Update from the Hendricks Family in Spain

Troy Hendricks sent these items about their family and their ministry in Spain. The Hendricks are endorsed missionaries with SEND International.

  • Julie Hendricks broke a bone in her knee last December and underwent surgery. New x-rays show that the fracture is fully healed. However, the pins have moved significantly and need to come out. Discomfort from the pins is increasing, and limits Julie’s walking. Surgery has been scheduled for Monday, June 7.
  • An evangelistic campaign is planned for July 19 – August 1 in a public park. Initially, they were granted a permit to use the park only 2 out of the requested 14 days. However, the official in charge changed his mind and re-wrote the permit for the full two weeks. Pray that this campaign is very successful and reaches a lot of people.
  • Troy’s English classes, which have met since October, are winding down for the summer.
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