Bible Dictionaries for Central American Pastors

Juanita Chavez (right) and Pastor Isaias

Juanita Chavez (right) and Pastor Isaias

From Rev. Juanita Chavez, Superintendent of Honduras Conference

I am happy to greet you and share regarding our continued visits to churches in both the cities and villages. We thank God and are excited about our Church Planting Project. Our people are answering the call and are participating in the training.

Recently we were in El Salvador to visit and gain a clearer understanding of how the work is progressing. Here is a photo of Pastor Isaias of the Caluco UB Church receiving a copy of an Illustrated Bible Dictionary provided by Global Ministries for all pastors in Honduras and El Salvador through the Arnold Bible Fund. I am very grateful, as are the other pastors who have already received their copy.

[Note: Global Ministries provided funds, through the Arnold Bible Fund, to provide illustrated Bible dictionaries for all Honduran pastors. Honduras Conference had requested this, wanting to raise the level of biblical literacy among their pastors.]

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