Haiti by the Numbers

Here are some statistics compiled by CNN, using the most reliable figures they could find.

9 million: Population of Haiti.
3 million: Estimated number of people affected by the quake.
1 million: Estimated number of displaced people.
150,000: Latest estimate of the death toll (from the Haitian Health Ministry). The European Union and the Pan American Health Organization put the estimate at 200,000.
194,000: Number of injured.
800,000 to 1 million: People who need temporary shelter.
300,000: Children younger than 2 who need nutritional support.
235,000: People who have left Port-au-Prince using free transportation provided by the government. The number who left by private means is undetermined.
$1.12 billion: International aid pledges.
300: Aid distribution sites that are up and running.
130-150: Aid flights arriving every day on Port-au-Prince’s single runway.
4800: Americans unaccounted for.
90: Percentage of schools in Port-au-Prince that have been destroyed
50+: Aftershocks of magnitude 4.5 or higher.

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