Update from Rev. Oliam Richard in Haiti

Joan Sider, from one of our UB churches in Ontario, spoke for 12 minutes on January 16 with Rev. Oliam Richard, our superintendent in Haiti. She reported the following to Jeff Bleijerveld, Director of Global Ministries.

  • Pastor Richard got to Haiti from the Dominican Republic with three other people. They hired a van. The Dominican occupies the east end of the island.
  • Their home is standing, but they are not staying inside because of continued aftershocks (two on Saturday). They are living in the yard of their home.
  • Esther Richard, Oliam’s wife, has a bad cold and her voice is hoarse, possibly from having lived outside since the earthquake.
  • Esther will probably be flown back to France on Sunday, January 17. The French Embassy will care for that flight. Rev. Richard feels he must stay in Haiti.
  • The Delmas church is standing intact. The only damage was the gate wall, which came down. The courtyard is filled with people. Rev. Richard doesn’t know if all of the church people are safe, though someone told him they were. They planned to worship on the site on Sunday, but not inside.
  • The UB church in City Soleil is completely destroyed. Pastor Baptista and family are well, though their house suffered some damage.
  • Several other churhes were reported to be fine.
  • No contact has been made with the churches in the North.
  • Rev. Richard affirmed postponing the planned work crew from Canada. Says it was the wisest decision.
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