Update from the Reeck Family

Roger and Marilyn Reeck, UB endorsed missionaries in Honduras (serving with Wycliffe), sent this update at the end of December.

While in Costa Rica, Roger fell while mounting a bicycle and completely ruptured a tendon in his knee. He underwent major surgery, and was able to travel back to Honduras five days later. His cast will be removed the first week of January, and then he’ll undergo physical therapy. His first trip is to South America in February. He hopes to be walking by then.

All four daughters came home for Christmas.

  • Christi and her husband, Rigo, live an hour away in Honduras. Rigo works with two different groups which provide clean water to communities and organizations; Chrysti works at two pre-natal clinics, helps at a feeding center, and is involved in Bible Studies. They have three children: Anthony (almost 7), Amanda (5), and Adrian (3).
  • Teresa lives in San Antonio and is vice principal of a Christian school.
  • Amanda, living in Houston, took a year out of medical school to do research. She’ll return to medical school this summer for her final year.
  • Elisa is a science teacher at a Christian school in San Antonio, Texas. She completed her Master’s degree this year.
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