Missionary Julie Hendricks Breaks Knee

Julie Hendricks, UB endorsed missionary in Spain, tripped in their home and broke a bone in her knee. She underwent surgery on Monday, December 14, and everything went well. She was released from the hospital on December 16.

The family had been planning to travel to the United States this Saturday, December 19. They are still trying to decide what to do. Julie writes, “Troy and the kids will go either way, as they really need to be with Troy’s mom. Even though it certainly won’t be comfortable, we are leaning toward my going.”

She leaves these prayer requests:

  • For the pain to continue to be manageable.
  • For the flights to be the most comfortable possible, with a way for me to have my leg propped up, and for understanding people around us.
  • That our time with Troy’s mom, Sharon, would be an encouragement to her in every way: physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • For healing of my knee.
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