Roger Reeck in a Cast for Six Weeks

Marilyn Reeck, UB endorsed missionary with Wycliffe in Honduras
We arrived back form Africa and after one week in Honduras traveled to San Jose, Costa Rica where Roger has been helping lead a One Story workshop for 7 different language groups. I have been one of the facilitators. It is being held at the Youth with a Mission base.

Two days ago (on his 61st birthday) Roger fell on his knee. Yesterday, November 19, a doctor determined that he had a quadriceps tendon rupture. Last night he was taken in to surgery and the tendon was reattached.  He is in a complete leg cast and in considerable pain. He will need to stay in the cast for 6 weeks.

When he leaves the hospital, we will need to decide how to get him home to Honduras. Our return date was to be a week from now, but we might possibly leave earlier. We praise the Lord that this happened in a country with such excellent medical care. We are in the Clinica Biblica hospital, a large and modern hospital.

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