H1N1 Claims a UB Young Adult

kimberlyyoung100.jpgKimberly Young (right), a 22-year-old from Mt. Zion UB (Wayne, Ohio), died yesterday of complications from the H1N1 (swine flu) virus. She began showing flu symptoms last week, and was treated for the flu at a hospital. But her fever returned this past Tuesday, and she died the next day. Her asthma likely contributed to her death. The funeral will be held this Saturday, Sept. 26, at Mt. Zion UB.

Wherever people gather, the risk of spreading the flu rises. Businesses, schools, and colleges are gearing up for what could be a major flu outbreak this winter. It would be wise for churches, also, to take precautions.

Some things to know about H1N1:

  • The best form of prevention is the vaccine. The seasonal flu vaccine, distributed every year, is available now. The specific H1N1 vaccine will be available later this fall. Get both. Each protects against a different virus, and they are intended to work alongside each other.
  • Person-to-person contact is the easiest way to transmit the flu virus.
  • A person diagnosed with H1N1 is considered contagious up to 72 hours before symptoms start and a day or two after symptoms end. If your fever breaks on Friday, don’t come to church on Sunday. And be aware that others in your household, who may not have developed symptoms yet, could still be contagious if you send them to church.
  • Children under 5 years of age are at increased risk. The risk is greater for children under 2. And infants less than 6 months old are the most vulnerable, because they are too young to receive the vaccinations.

Much information is available at Flu.gov

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