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You’ve read multiple books on church growth, discipleship, evangelism, and leadership. I’ll bet you haven’t read one about local church communications…because there aren’t too many. Since this is a communication-intensive world, let me recommend “Less Clutter, Less Noise,” by Kem Meyer.

Kem is Communications Director at Granger Community Church near South Bend, Ind. That’s a fast-growing, highly innovative church focused tightly on reaching lost people. I attended a seminar there, attended a service another time, and I read blogs by Kem and a few other Granger staff. It’s valuable being exposed regularly to people who aren’t merely doing church, but are passionate about reaching the lost.

That emphasis comes through in “Less Clutter, Less Noise.” As Kem deals with communication strategy and technique (and she loves the cutting edge), it all comes from an outreach-oriented heart. That’s the context in which Kem operates. I’ve heard her speak in three different conferences now, and she has consistently conveyed the same attitude–an attitude toward everything we do in communications, and an attitude toward the people we’re trying to reach.

Her main premise is something like this: people are looking for something that’ll make a difference in their lives, but they’re so bombarded with information and choices that they can easily miss the church’s message. We need to break through the clutter–not add to it. She deals with a number of issues, always with short (1-3 page) pieces. “Less Clutter, Less Noise” reads more like a blog than a book (which I’m guessing was intentional).

You’ll find parts that don’t apply to you (as I did). But you’ll discover some important perspectives on  “church growth” that you won’t find elsewhere.

Here are a few quotes:

There is simply too much out there and not enough time to take it all in….The last thing they’re looking for is unsolicited information or someone to tell them to change their ways.

We all have insiders that get in the way of outsiders experiencing Jesus.

How do you see the world–as it IS or the WAY YOU ARE? What are you willing to do to learn about people who don’t see things the way you do?

Is there any way to simplify what my audience sees to make their epxerience with the church easier and more rewarding?

Don’t assume people wake up in the morning and check the church web site. They don’t….Don’t assume the parents don’t read the student ministry blog. They do, whether you’re talking to them or not.

More isn’t what people are looking for; relief from the pressure of more is what they’re looking for.

Before you create that mass mailing, hand out that brochure, or send that email, ask yourself, “Will this information I intend to be helpful just add to the clutter?”

Is there any way to simplify what my audience sees to make their experience with the church easier and more rewarding?

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