Sierra Leone: Can You Top This?


In the States, UB churches send 3.5% of their income to the national office as a “partnership fee,” to help support the various ministries we do jointly. In Sierra Leone, they have a pledge drive.

They presented the conference budget and what they hoped to accomplish during the coming year. Then individual districts, churches, and members stood to announce their financial pledge for the coming year.

It was a fun time, with some playful taunting, egging each other on. “Our district is committing to half a million leones. What about you?” And it would be up to the next district to do as well or better. Likewise for churches. A number of people plunked down cash on the spot, some sizable chunks of money.

It was quite a lengthy exercise, probably three hours. I was encouraged by what I saw. They were putting their money behind Billy Simbo’s leadership.

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