Macau Debrief

Carlson and Naomi Becker

L-r: Naomi Becker, Global Ministries Director Jeff Bleijerveld, Associate Director Donna Hollopeter, and Carlson Becker.

Carlson and Naomi Becker stopped by the Healthy Ministry Resources office today to spend some time with Jeff Bleijerveld and Donna Hollopeter. On May 30, they returned to the States, having completed a three-year term of service in Macau. It’s great to see people, in their retirement years, who can’t sit still when it comes to doing the Lord’s work.¬†

The Beckers have no immediate plans, except to hang around their home in northern Michigan,  take care of various projects, and spend time with kids and grandkids. They look great, energetic as always.

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