Your One-Stop UB Bookmark

The BishopBlog is your one-stop United Brethren browser bookmark. The UB Grand Central Station of information. Come here, and we’ll point you to what’s happening in the UB world.

The United Brethren church has a large web presence.

  • The site–the official website of the UB church in the United States.
  •–the work of Global Ministries and our international conferences.
  •–the Huntington University site.
  • The BishopBlog–which is where you’re at right now.
  •–a UB service which provides websites for churches.
  • The UB News page–where we regularly post UB-related news.
  • The staff openings and church websites pages frequently contain new info.
  • The UB church and missionary directories are tied into our master database.
  • Blogs by UB people–a growing list.

So how do you keep track of what’s happening?

  • Bookmark all of these sites in your browser.
  • Check each one individually to see if something has changed?

No. Just come here. As a shortcut, will get you here, too.

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