Marwin T. Simon, 89, a former United Brethren minister, passed away March 13 in Auburn, Ala., where he had retired. Rev. Simon attended Huntington College in the 1940s to prepare for the ministry. He served the Otterbein and Garnett UB churches in Kansas, and Fairview UB church near Hartford, City, Ind., and another UB church near Decatur, Ind.

Pastor Mark Ralph of Sunfield UB (Sunfield, Mich.) reports, “Two years, ago, Sunfield built a beautiful $500,000 fellowship area. This week we payed off our debt and our completely debt-free. We praise God for his provision and for giving the people a desire to give. We are now in the process of establishing an Upwards basketball ministry in our school district. This is a Christ-centered sports ministry.”

Endorsed missionary Ron Anderson sent this report on March 28:

“This year we went to Huesca to a youth event called ‘Mision Posible.’ The organization of the event was tops, as was the preaching and the music program. They had a full team working on the lights, others on the video, and still others on the sound. So when the 750 youth arrived, they were all ready for them. The place rocked with life, love, and a desire to know God.

“Brenda was put in charge of the counseling room, making sure that the designated pastor or Christian leader was there at the appointed time. Many of us were asked to be available one hour a day, so they had 12 hours of continuous counselors available each day.

“At the very end of the weekend Brenda was cleaning up the room and a young lady poked her head in the door. Brenda asked her if she was looking for someone in particular. She said she just needed to talk. So Brenda sat down with her. She then poured her heart out and said that she had for years been putting off a call to serve the Lord, but that now she was no longer afraid to let go and let God take control. ‘I think the Lord is calling me to serve him in the Muslim world,’ she said.

“After many tears and prayer, she left like many of the others with a new zeal to serve the Lord and make their lives count for Christ. Brenda was touched by this because she had prayed all week that the Lord would send her someone just like that. The whole weekend was full of opportunities to bring encouragement and direction to those who were needing it. What a joy it was for us to see this number of young Spaniards together when we remember the early days of the groups of 50s.”

Archie Cameron, 87, was hospitalized for nearly two weeks in La Ceiba, Honduras, where he lives. He was suffering from congestive heart failure and kidney failure. His diabetes adds another complication. Over the last two years he has been hospitalized several times with the same problems.

Archie is now back at his home, but, according to daughter Marilyn Reeck, is not doing well. “His kidneys continue to fail, and he is really miserable.” Marilyn is the primary care-giver. At the moment her husband, Roger, is in the United States speaking at several UB churches. The two sons ,Arturo and Bobby, and families have also been a great support. Archie’s other two daughters are in the US–Heather and husband in Idaho, and Sharon in Texas. Marilyn’s oldest daughter, Christy, is a missionary nurse in Honduras but lives one hour away.

Many UB church members have been to see him and they have been a great encouragement to him and to the family.

Archie still runs his music school, and had recently been practicing his choir for an Easter cantata presentation.

Jana sent the following notes from Macau.

  • Attendance has increased at Kids’ Klub this month. Several new children have come. Praise the Lord for this continued opportunity to share the gospel with children on Taipa!
  • I was encouraged to meet with Regina, one of the church members at Living Water Church. She was one of my ELP students back in 1993. She eventually accepted Christ and was baptized, but her husband was never interested in church. Last year they immigrated to California. Regina was back to Macau for a visit and told me that her husband has started attending church with her in the States. It was an encouragement to me to see how God is still “working the seed” our team planted over 10 years ago. He is faithful.
  • Continue to pray for planning toward starting worship services on Taipa. Pray for Director Gary Dilley, Reverend Wu (newly elected superintendent of Hong Kong Conference), and the Taipa Long-Range Planning Committee as they work on the plans.
  • Over our Chinese New Year holiday I was able to meet with Money, a student of mine from China from 10 years ago or so. She is now a graduate student in the U.K. She is no longer walking with the Lord. Pray that she’ll recommit her life to Him.

Our missionaries in India sent this prayer request regarding the Mission English Medium School (MEMS): “Could you please be praying for the 10th grade students as they start their exams on the 16th of this month. These are the government exams. Next month the 7th grade will have their exams.”

Hillsdale UB (Hillsdale, Mich.) completed its Centennial Year on January 25. As the congregation celebrated their first 100 years of ministry, the Lord blessed the church with over 100 conversions in 2004. There were also a record 71 new church members added during the year and the 32 baptisms were twice the number of the year before. In his annual State-of-the-Church address on January 30, Pastor Les Smith announced plans to break ground this summer on a building addition if funding was secured. The congregation responded with one of the largest offerings in their history.