Klines Receive Macau Work Permits

David and Melissa Kline report that they have received work permits for Macau, which means they can now begin teaching in the English Language Program. They will begin teaching in January, and may also have the chance to teach at a middle school.

They held a Thanksgiving Party, which went very well. “Normally we have a program including a speaker, singing, and maybe some games or group discussion. This time, we very intentionally kept the program to a prayer for the food and a short story about what Thanksgiving means to us. Everyone seemed very relaxed and stayed for a couple hours talking. Our entire team had many opportunities to build deeper relationships that night. Yeah God!

“As an advertisement for that dinner, Melissa made apple and pumpkin pie for English class. Some of the women liked the apple so much they set-up a time to come to our home to make it. Five ladies came over and we had a great time baking and eating lunch. Cooking seems to be a way into peoples lives lately.”

David and Melissa are currently in the States for the wedding of Melissa’s brother. They will return to Macau before Christmas so they can participate in the ELP holiday activities.

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